Cassidy Andryana Walker

Meet C.A.W

Cassidy Walker pursues photography with an eye on contemporary identity and the nature of representation. Her photos are vibrant and sharp and will endure as a source of inspiration for years to come.


As a fashion photographer, her pictures are bright, emphasizing the model's natural attributes giving them a beautiful, candid look. This comes from her own love for fashion. Cassidy's technique allows her to take sensitive, open and vulnerable photos of everyone who models for her. Her fashion photography helps define the look of fashion and how we perceive it, new trends and her models stories.

Grounded in greater Tri-Cities, WA, to being invited to New York Fashion Week, she has had the experience  to address any area of photography.

"I have always tried to look “outside the box” when taking my pictures, not the usual poses or scenes one is used to seeing. I try to bring something different to the photo shoot to make my subject stand out, a keepsake for years to come. Being young for a photographer allows my imagination to run with new ideas, whether it is the location, time of day, or just the angle of the shot.


I like to focus on intimate moments shared by friends and family.


I like to focus on guarded moments of my models.


I have been to the well known New York Fashion Week and met a lot of interesting people who have been helping with my career, including models, photographers and designers.


My experience has grown from being a 6 year old self taught Photoshop editor. I like to touch-up shots ONLY WHEN NECESSARY to put one's best “face” forward.


I've been able to put together some pretty good videos and enjoy editing them with music.


On a non-professional note:


I've reached the Master level in TaeKwonDo after achieving my 4th degree blackbelt and loved teaching the children at US World Class Taekwondo in Richland, Washington until this nasty Coronavirus put a stop to that (maybe later).


I am from Vancouver Canada and am very proud of having just recently gained my US citizenship.

Photography for Cassidy is like breathing air. It's a part of her. She describes life as a camera, and how many perceive it in a different perspective, a new lens. Cassidy says "Being a successful part of this industry is a huge honor and responsibility. It's taking dreams and showing the next generation, these are goals. This industry has a fine line of what artists should look like. I am not here to become just a photographer, I am here to change this industry and set up new footprints for people to look at, and make their own path.

For questions and inquiries, you can reach Cassidy at 509.392.2981 or

What Clients Are Saying

"Cassidy Walker is not only one of my friends but an incredibly talented woman who I am very proud of. She is ambitious and never gives up on her dreams. One of those dreams include photography. Cassidy puts her passion and art into her photos. Working with her is such a delight because she makes you feel comfortable and really has an eye for taking beautiful pictures. She is patient and kind and really goes out of her way to ensure that the pictures are the best they can be. She is quirky and fun and she allows flexibility in what the person wants in the photoshoot as well as giving great direction as to what to do.

With me, she helped make me relax and have fun. I was very surprised at how well the photos went and she was encouraging the entire time through. Not everyone can capture a photo that makes you stop and admire it as well as think but Cassidy is one of the few that can. She lights up the room and her love for photos gets captured in all of her work. She connects with the customer and makes every experience enjoyable."

Charity Young