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Triple Threat Productions Agency and Cassidy Walker Photography is owned by Cassidy Andryana Walker, a woman entrepreneur who worked her way up the ladder in the fashion industry. If you need a team for workshops, a unique face for your brand, or customizing exclusive packages then we are your solution. To styling your brand, to designing specific clothing for your production, to hiring models, to photographing and capturing your imagination, we are your team. When we start, we finish your creation to make an impact in this day and age. When you hire Triple Threat, you hire a team of professional, passionate people making your work speak without words. We are your best choice to create your dream to stand out, not from the crowd, but the world.


Anna Vingert

Anna's modeling has her as one of our coaches for all of our models. 

Aineka Carlson

From conceptual, to fashion, to NYFW runways, Aineka is the right fit for your job! Her look is extremely versatile and takes direction very well. 

Tonyy Alcazar

Tonyy has a different look with his Hispanic background and green eyes.

He has walked for NYFW,

LAFW and numerous others. If you are needing a different look to your shoot, Tonyy is the right fit! 

Amariah Jackson

With her afro hair, and dark skin completion, Amariah Johnson is a fresh look and gives different diversity to shoots! Book her today! 

Sara Malone

Sara has also walked for NYFW, as well worked with many photographers who all say the same thing, "She always strives for the best and will make our vision come to life." Sara is half Caucasian and half African American, and born in Hawaii.  

Kateryna Tolstokorova

Kateryna has walked New York Runways for NYFW for CHIXIT Brand, and has continued conquering so much more. Her portfolio is very versatile. 

Nick "Miami" Benz 

Nick goes by the name 

Miami. He is a good choice if you are going for something different. Having a bit of that Michael Jackson vibe, Miami can do so much with his look and always gives what the client needs and wants.

Meredith Sanders

With her Turkish background, Meredith has a different look that changes perspectives on how fashion models are perceived. She gets the job done and is an incredible fit for your next project!

Anastasia Carol 

Anastasia's look is not your average model. Her look is unique and bold. She carriers herself with confidence. She takes every shoot seriously and is only 16 years old! She has grace and poise and brings her A game to every production and set and is very versatile.

Kenya Gossett

Kenya has always had a passion for modeling, however is finally pursuing her dream. She tackles every shoot with an abominable  spirit and pure heart. Hire her today!

Galbhar Suwaed

With an incredible look that we don’t usually see, Galbhar is a model who breaks the normal standards! Inquire today to work with her!

Valiant Cosmic Baptiste

A veteran, well hearted, and passionate model, Valiant has a way with photographs and takes direction to perfection. 

Matai Blacklock

At 6'5", Matai has a amazing personality and background! Sumoan, African American, and a lot more, this guy is a uniquely incredible model and great man.   

Aura Paola Roberts

From Nicaragua, Aura grow up in a farm and later on in her life, they immigrated to the United States. After, she went into modeling school and learned the true ways and also secrets of  models! Aura is a unique, kind and lovely model and brings her ideas to the table!

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