Saving Humanity Photoshoot

I volunteer for Domestic Violence Services Of Benton County and offered to auction off 5 photos at their Annual Golf Tournament. They said YES!

With that being said, I right away went to work, planning different series of photos and will choose one to print from each out of 5 photoshoots. I need your help choosing!

This series of photos is representing the Tree Of Life, an angel, as well as Humanity. I wanted something different to represent humankind. I right away thought of a lady with a demon and angel wing. We all have a dark and light side. For these two roles, I needed to find the perfect candidates. These ladies came to mind! I explained what I needed and they said yes to driving 4 hours to get to the location! We drove 7, another photographer, Randy, and I.

I would like to credit and thank everyone in this shoot:

Models: Eva LaFollette

Nicole King

MUAH: Deli Lea MUA

Lighting: Randy Olivares

Setting up: Jon LaFollette

Comment below to vote for your favorite!


© 2020 By Cassidy Andryana Walker

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